High Performance Plastics...

engineered to shape your world

Resins, Compounds, Composites & Laminates designed for your applications.

  • Aero

    Aerospace & Transportation

    Structural composites,
    FST resins & compounds

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  • Auto


    Innovation concept,
    Resins, composite compounds & circuitry products

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  • Engine

    Under the hood applicationsl

    Lightweight & High performance materials
    to reduce CO2 footprint

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  • Oil& Gas

    Oil & Gas

    High performance materials & resin systems
    to go deeper

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  • E&E

    Electrical & Electronics

    Resins & compounds,
    Offering compactness and thinness on smart devices

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  • Building

    Building, Construction & Industrial

    FST resins, foams & compounds,
    High mechanical & thermal resistances

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  • Environmental friendly

    Environment Friendly

    SBHPP is fully committed
    to health, safety and environmental protection


Our innovative team creates fresh design concepts and challenges conventions through application of our material technology.


World Network

Our global diversity is a key strength when finding solutions for your needs.

  Innovation that rocks!  

Our knowledge, your benefit...

We aim to improve business by delivering effective solutions based on innovative materials and technologies. Our work and our projects changes the way people behave and perceive. Discover the variety of materials we offer and convince yourself on the basis of the latest works that we've done.

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We have a broad base on thermoset chemistries that can be made in multiple product forms.

a solution provider to any INDUSTRY.


Long Fiber Composite Materials

SBHPP Engineering long fiber composite materials are obtained by powder or liquid impregnation of continuous or chopped fiber.

Molding Compounds

Broad base of thermoset and thermoplastic resins that can be combined with multiple filler technologies.
Composites & Molded parts

Composites &
Molded parts

SBHPP is an integrated supplier to key industries such as Automotive & Aerospace.

Circuitry materials

Variety of circuitry laminates are available in different forms depending on the applications demands.
Japanese doll
Environmental friendly

Water Industry

High-Performance Plastics for Water management
Environmental friendly

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