Iserlohn Thermoset Conference (Germany)


On April 22nd and 23th, 2015 SBHPP will participate in the biennial International Thermoset Conference in Iserlohn, Germany.
This year, the conference aimed at stimulating the unique benefits of thermoset materials particularly as potential replacement for metals and thermoplastics, and to provide practical examples of successfully realized projects.

In addition to expert lectures from field specialists, the accompanying exhibition offered visitors the opportunity to exchange know-how and gain knowledge on new ideas and developments within the industry.


SBHPP - High Performance Plastics Business unit also has a stand where examples of high performance automotive applications will be displayed, as well as being a place to meet new potential partners and to assist the visitors and customers alike with their questions.

Internationale Duroplastttagung picture: courtesy of ISK Iserlohner Kunststoff-Technologie GmbH


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