Electrical & Electronics

SBHPP materials are widely used in Electrical & Electronics industry.

SBHPP materials
in computers and TV sets...

From PCB used in smart electronics to resins for components, SBHPP materials meet the critical requirements that you need for your application.

E&E portfolio

Various parts and components, plastics, electronics packaging materials for semiconductors and electric circuits, and much more...

Power Sources

Power Sources

SBHPP materials (resins, PCBs, UL plastic grades) influence the design of power supply providing efficiency, reliability, and high operating temperature.

Printed Circuit Boards

SBHPP is a leader in manufacturing high technology printed circuit boards. Our advanced technology supports increased market requirements across all major industrial market segments.

Home appliances

Epoxy circuit materials, Aluminum based circuit materials, resins for electronic components and plastic compounds are commonly used on home appliances manufacturing.

Uses & applications

Our materials enhance innovations

SBHPP proves everyday its strength as development partner with high-performance polymers and a highly capable and motivated team.

In Electrical and Electronics industry, our materials are providing innovation, high performance, reliability and cost efficiency.

An overview of some typical applications:

Motors and Power source units


1 Commutators and Brush-holders
Commutators and brush-holders for automotive, powertools and domestic appliances are subject to very high mechanical, thermal and electrical stresses. SBHPP offers a range of engineering thermosets which meet these demanding requirements.

2 Copper coating and brush binder
SBHPP insulation resin coating allows thin coating layer within high Tg for any copper insulation - rotor, stator, wire coating. Brush binder products give high heat resistance and high voltage insulation.

3 PCBs
Various printed circuit boards (PCB) and laminates are used for motor control unit.

Power source units

1 Components and insulators
SBHPP resins used in condensers (ceramic, film), copper wire coating and various laminates for insulators.

2 supports and circuits
Coil bobbins, transformer bobbin, breaker unit are usually made with thin wall thickness (0.5 mm) and with high requirements on insulation & mechanical strength, dimensional stability and heat resistance. Glass fiber engineering SBHPP Engineering thermosets combine these properties in one material.

 Products focus

  • General Purpose Phenolic

    Key feature: Benefits of phenolic at lowest cost

  • Short Glass Phenolic

    Key feature: Improved mechanical properties

  • Long Fiber Phenolic

    Key feature: Maximum mechanical properties

  • High Conductivity Resin
  • Low Temperature Cure System
  • Corrosion Resistant Resin

Home appliances

Smart devices and televisions

SBHPP materials contribute to market expansion helping condensed design for the best cost:

  • Condensers (resins)
  • Photoresist resins (LCD, Semiconductors)
  • television set, mobile phone, personal computer PCBs
  • Plastic housings

Home appliances

SBHPP products (plastics, resins, PCBs and laminates) are used in many home-appliance applications, such as air conditioner, lighting, audio, gaming devices, etc...

 Products focus

  • General Purpose Phenolic

    Key feature: Benefits of phenolic at lowest cost

  • Short Glass Phenolic

    Key feature: Improved mechanical properties, FST properties

  • Long Fiber Phenolic

    Key feature: Maximum mechanical properties, FST properties (PF), Impact & Explosion Resistance

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