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From extraction to transportation, the materials of the SBHPP group are present all along the Oil & Gas value chain.

Very demanding operating environments

A severe environment requiring a high level of properties that cannot be matched by other materials.

Onshore operations

Onshore operations

SBHPP materials offers several performance polymers for Cementing tool, Downhole tool, Frac & Bridge Plug components, Proppants, etc.

Offshore & deep water operations

Offshore & deep water operations

In addition, SBHPP material offers High corrosion and high pressure resistance for deep water applications.

Long Fiber Composites

New opportunities for Oil & Gas


Resistance to heat, cryogenic, chemicals, pressure, corrosion & insulation protection from the reservoir to the refinery.

Uses & applications

Material Technology For The Demanding Downhole Environment

With volatility in today’s oil & gas market, cost effectiveness is a critical dimension for new Oil & Gas applications as Operators strive to make hydraulic fracturing competitive with conventional methods of extraction. SBHPP has focused on reducing the cost of oil well completions through application of it’s material technologies. From composite downhole tooling that dramatically reduces drill-through time to Proppant coating resins that improve conductivity and cure at Low Temperature, to transmission pipe coatings that extend maintenance intervals. SBHPP through partnership with its customers is applying its global R&D resources to develop the next generation of technologies to support a sustainable oil & gas market.

Below are examples of the technologies SBHPP has commercialized in the Oil & Gas market.

Onshore and Well Operations

Well Construction and Well Completion

1 Cement additives
Cementing is one of the most critical steps in the drilling and completion of oil or gas wells. Our resins are used as additive to cement or even as a cement-alternative to provide adhesion, chemical resistance and mechanical properties to the cement blends.

2 3 Cementing Tool Components, Downhole Tools/Frac & Bridge Plug Components
SBHPP composites solutions offer advantage in O&G industry. They have an excellent compressive and flexural strength-modulus and a high surface hardness. Phenolics offer adequate chemical resistance making them ideal for downhole, higher temperature applications. They have an excellent creep resistance, dimensional stability and physical property retention at elevated operating temperatures up to 230°C (450°F).
The use of composites offer improved well efficiency and reduced drilling downtime compared to metal solutions. Composites are easily drilled and do not coat/clog drill bits like metal. Drill bit life is also significantly longer due to reduced wear and buildup. Well drill out time significantly reduced versus metal cores/plugs – typically ~75% lower than metal drill out times.
Typical applications are: Cement Plugs, Wiper Plugs, Plunger Assemblies, Flapper Assemblies, Load Rings, Cones, Slips, Frac Balls.


4 Frac sand
A proppant is typically a treated sand designed to keep an induced hydraulic fracture open during or following a fracturing operation. It is added to a fracturing fluid that is intended to fill the fissures. The resin-coated sand keeps the fissure from collapsing on release of the hydraulic pressure.
Proppants coated with SBHPP resins continually broaden the oil & gas boundaries. We are developing new products that optimize hydraulic fracturing treatments by increasing fracture flow capacity and enhancing hydrocarbon recovery.


5 Pipe coating
SBHPP resin systems offer various Corrosion Protection Solutions with several pipe coatings for both internal and external use. SBHPP solutions extend the life of drill pipe, coiled tubing, and treating stings.

 Products focus

  • General Purpose Phenolic

    Key feature: Benefits of phenolic at lowest cost
    Applications: Cement plug cores, lower performance frac balls

  • Short Glass Phenolic

    Key feature: Improved mechanical properties
    Applications: Medium-performance downhole, tool components & frac balls, cement plug cores, plunger/cage assemblies

  • Long Fiber Phenolic

    Key feature: Maximum mechanical properties
    Applications: High performance downhole tool components & frac balls, flapper assemblies, landing collars

  • High Conductivity Resin

    Applications: Frac sand

  • Low Temperature Cure System

    Applications: Frac sand

  • Corrosion Resistant Resin

    Applications: Pipe coating

Offshore Operations

Platform Equipment

6 Fire and Explosion-proof Components
The prevention of fire and explosion along with the protection from blasts and fire on offshore working environments is one of the major safety regulations. The light weight and strength of our Long Fiber Phenolic Molding Compounds, combined their FST properties (Fire, Smoke and Toxicity), blast, impact, water and corrosion resistance properties make the Long Fiber Composites components the ideal choice for fire protection on oil rigs and offshore platforms and also in potentially hazardous land-based environments.

Deep Water Equipment

7 Buoys
Thermoset Short and long Fiber Composite compounds are particularly suitable for the production of hollow components used in deep water buoys. They have an excellent compression resistance combined with a high creep resistance on loads and over long term. They can resist to very high pressure without corrosion.

8 9 Subsea Systems & ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
Subsea Systems are wellheads which sit on the sea floor and extract oil straight from the ground. They require safety semi-structural components that should resist to this very severe environment.
ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) require for their construction, materials that do not corrode in the marine environment, and do not contribute significantly to the weight of the structures.
SBHPP short and long fiber composite compounds offer an efficient alternative to conventional materials.

 Products focus

  • General Purpose Phenolic

    Key feature: Benefits of phenolic at lowest cost
    Applications: Hollow components for low pressure applications

  • Short Glass Phenolic

    Key feature: Improved mechanical properties, FST properties
    Applications: Medium-performance Hollow components, semi-structural parts

  • Long Fiber Phenolic & Epoxy

    Key feature: Maximum mechanical properties, FST properties (PF), Impact & Explosion Resistance
    Applications: High performance hollow and strcutural components



10 Pipeline Corrosion Protection
SBHPP resin systems offer various Corrosion Protection Solutions with several pipe coatings for both internal and external use. SBHPP solutions extend the life of metal transportation pipelines.

Tankers, Trucks and Storage

11 Phenolic insulation foam for LNG tank
SBHPP has developed specific phenolic novolac foam for panel insulation systems on cargo tank of LNG carrier. Phenolic resin foams are particularly used on spherical "MOSS Type" systems where they provide high insulation performance under very low temperature conditions (cryogenic).

11 12 Vessel, Truck and Storage tanks - corrosion protection
Thanks to decade of knowledge in coating protection, SBHPP resins offer long-lasting protection systems.

 Products focus

  • Phenolic Novolac Foam

    Applications: LNG tank insulation

  • Corrosion Resistant Resin

    Applications: Pipe & tank coating

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