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  • Overview

    Terpene-Phenolic, Terpene-Ester, Polyester-Polyol, Furan resins and Friction-Dust powder complete SBHPP portfolio range.
    SBHPP sells those resins worldwide under SUMILITERESIN®, DUREZ®, DUREZ®TER, FERS® and VARCUM® brandnames.

    • Terpene resins

      Terpene phenolic or ester resins are tackifiers having a high polarity and heat stability. These resins have outstanding specific adhesion in elastomer systems.
      Their polarity provide excellent hot tack and improve the adhesion of hot melt packaging and pressure sensitive adhesives.

      Used as tackifier for:

      • Adhesives
      • Coatings
      • Inks
      • Printed Electronic Circuit
      • Plastics & Rubber

    • Polyester Polyols

      Polyester polyols are intermediates for the manufacturing of a polyurethanes, through the reaction with isocyanates. The Durez ® - Ter polyols are essentially produced starting from saturated diacids and diols and vary often tailor maid to a variety of property requirements.


      • PUD’S (PolyUrethane Dispertions)
      • Leather and wood coatings
      • Adhesives and hot melts
      • Rigid Foams
      • Elastomers

    • Furan Resins (Furfuryl alcohol)

      Furan resins are thermoset resins with a very high resistance to fire.

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